What is the APA-style?

What is the APA-Style?

All fields of research agree on the need to document scholarly borrowings, but documentation conventions vary because of the different needs of scholarly disciplines. APA-style is an academic format used mostly in social sciences, giving authors guidance about how to document their sources, how to prepare a reference section, and how to draft proper in-text citations.

Whenever you write a college paper or other document, you need to use this format. If you do not you can get lower grades or worse, be accused of plagiarism and be expelled from a course or college.

The APA-style stands for ‘American Psychological Association style’ and is an academic format specified in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. This style makes references in the text (instead of footnotes), has a bibliography showing the autors in alphabetical order and displays the name of a journal in italics.

Other known reference styles are the Chicago Style, the MLA-style (Modern Languages Association-style), AMA-style and Turabian (a version of the Chicago-style adapted to the needs of student writers).

Not sure what style your college is using? Check with your teacher to be sure that you are using the correct referencing style.