How to do bibliographic research?

How to do bibliographic research

How to do Bibliographic Research?

You might wonder: how to do bibliographic research? Basically, you can access written sources in two main ways: online or in a library. You can do your online bibliographic research with one of the following search engines:

Remember to make bookmarks of interesting pages! If you don’t you might find it difficult to retrieve useful pages. If you forgot to bookmark a page, you might try to search your browser history. However, this is far from ideal and requires you to have an idea of when you came across that interesting page.

Written sources can also be found at the library of your college or university library. Older sources, such as physical books that have not yet been digitalised yet, can be found in libraries. Library staff can be very helpful in finding sources. In addition, a library might have access to articles from a magazine or journal that can only be viewed by subscription holders.